The Lab



What is the Lab anyway?

Dna Lab is a music and audio post production multitask force. We are team of composers, musicians, producers, sound editors, sound designers, mixers that creates, handles, curates and even distributes audible entities.

One of our main objectives is the production of original music for TV, Film or theater. With modern means of production in combination with talent, taste and experience we can create anything except Higgs bozons. Of course, shinny music is terrible when overused, underused or put in the wrong places and that is our biggest concern when working on a project.

But wait , there is more. After 15 years of music making , the Lab expanded it’s operations to sound design and mixing. We were displeased when our music was used in films with bad sound we decided to do the design and mixing our self. So, we created a Dolby approved a mixing stage trained like Rocky and here we are.

More? Yes, Dna Lab members collaborate with each other on pure old fashioned music making. We liked the results and had to release them in the outside world. So, we created the Dna Label, our small but adorable little label.




Custom made music for every possible project, from a five second TV teaser to an epic feature film soundtrack. Our 15 years of experience on working with video, film and theatre is what makes us sure we can create the style of music that  fits your project. Moreover, our library, with more than 1000 tracks can cover any taste and style when looking for something really really good but really really fast.


Sound Design

Sound design and foley that elevates the quality of your project. Persistency and consistency is the name of our game. Using state of the art equipment and techniques we deliver top quality sound,with no cut backs. None, period.


Film Sound

Our studio is approved from Dolby for creating theatrical mixes in Dolby theatrical presentation formats. Our dubbing stage is calibrated to the standarts required for accurate and quality surround soundtracks  on optical and DCP prints.


The Studio

Film Room

A large room based on the Euponix S5 Fusion and a 7.1 monitoring system with Genelec speakers (1038, 1032, 7073), controlled by Dolby’s CP650,  a standard processor in most film theaters around the world. Euphonix’s powerfull DSP handles the EQ and Dynamics for 96 channels. The desk is accompanied by the TC System 6000, that provides reverb and mastering tools. When the studio closes for the night, the desk hangs out with  a Yamaha C3  Studio grand piano.


Music Room

Our smaller , yet spacious,  room is the heart of  our music operations.  Its based around an Allen Heath GSM 24R desk combined with the legendary Ensoniq Paris converters.  Apart from the desk’s 24 preamps, the Music Room features pres from Neve, Oram , TLA , Aphex and Presonus. The monitoring system is provided again from 6 Genelecs (1032,1029, 7270). Of course an arsenal of UAD, SSL and TC Powercore plugins are available. Our sequencer of choice is Nuendo and other software workhorses we use are: Reason, Ableton Live, East West Play, Toontrack EZ etc. Our mic collection includes models by Schoeps, Neumann, AKG, Oktava and standards like Sure and Sennheiser.


Our Work

Close Project

Film and TV


Selected works:

“Dogtooth” by Yiorgos Lanthimos – Sound Mix

“10th Day” by Vasilis Mazomenos – Original Score, Sound Design, Sound Mix

“The Tree and the Swing” by Maria Ntouza, Sound Design, Sound Mix

“Μπιγκ Χιτ” by Carolos Zonaras - Original Score, Sound Design, Sound Mix

“Μια φορά και ένα… μωρό” by Nikos Zapatinas – Original Score

“Δρόμος” by Vasilis Tselemegos - Original Score, Sound Design, Sound Mix



Close Project


Clients Include:

E.O.T – Greek National Tourism Organisation

Cyprus Tourism Organisation




Coca Cola








  • Film and TV

    Film and TV

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The Team




Composer and chief producer, one half of the DNA core.  Sailing geek.



Composer and chief producer, other half of the DNA core.  Economics geek.



Chief Mixer. The tonemaster of the studio, makes sure everything sounds perfect before hitting the outside world. Vegan freak geek.



Chief sound designer/musician/computer freak.  Jumping from project to project in various creative roles, with a tendency to electronic sounds.


The Label

The DNA Label is our side operation. It’s an indie label featuring some great artists and some of our personal work.

More info here.